Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple, Thirukarugavur Pooja Details

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Sri Garbarakshambigai Temple, Thirukarugavur Pooja Details

Sri Mullaivananatharswamy and Garbarakshambigai Amman temple is located in  Thirukarukavur,  Papanasam Taluk,  Thanjavur District.

The important feature of this temple from the other shrines is that, Goddess Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman here cures infertility related problems to women, blesses them to conceive and also helps them for safe and trouble free delivery.


History says that Sri Garbarakshambigai Amman blessed her ardent devotee Vedhikai to conceive and when Vedhikai almost lost her fetus, Goddess Garbarakshambigai came to her rescue, protected her fetus and blessed her for safe delivery. Numerous devotees who long for a child have been blessed by this divine mother. The uniform experiences of the people who have been blessed by this divine deity are testimony of her benevolence

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1) Ghee prasadam pooja. (To conceive)
2) Castor oil prasadam pooja. (For Safe delivery)
3) Punugu sattam pooja.( For better health )
4) Abishegam.
5) Annadhanam.
6) Kattalai Archanai.
7) Nava kodi nei theepam (nine crores ghee lamps)
8) Sandana kappu.(Sandal Paste offering)
9) Thanga thottil
10) Thulaa-bharam
11) Ear boring and Head tonsure.

Cost of Poojas

Temple administrators will perform the poojas to the devotees who are unable to visit this temple and they will send the pooja prasadams by posts. Check the official Garbaratchambigai Temple website for payment details.

Pooja cost details below:

Sl.No Types of Poojas Prasadams to places within India Prasadam to overseas
1 Blessed Ghee for pregnancy Rs 200 Rs 500
2 Blessed castor Oil for safe and easy delivery Rs 200 Rs 500
3 Punugu sattam for health Rs 100 Rs 300
4 Abishegam Rs 700 Rs 700
5 Annadhanam (for 50 persons) Rs 1500 Rs 1500
6 Kattalai archanai for 12 months(1 year) Rs 300 Rs 600
7 Niranthara kattlai archanai (life time) Rs 3000 Rs 6000
8 Navakodi nei theepam.(Nine crore ghee lamp lighting) Rs 75 Rs 300
9 Sandana Kappu (Sandalwood paste offering) Rs 10000 Rs 10000
10 *Thanga Thottil Rs 550 Rs 550
11 Annadhanam (for 100 persons) Rs 3000 Rs 3000
12 Fixed Deposit Rs 20,000 Rs 20,000
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  1. Punugu sattam Puja for my kid vutla Lohith Sri Harsha (gotram) sivagnana maharshi (nakshatram) Bharani 2 padam (rasi)mesha rasi


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