Panguni Uthiram (பங்குனி உத்திரம்) 2019 Date & Time

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Panguni Uthiram (பங்குனி உத்திரம்). 2019 Date & Time

Panguni is the last month of the Tamil months, it comes during March–April and is also known as Phalgun.

Panguni Uthiram (பங்குனி உத்திரம்). It falls on the day the moon transits in the nakshatram of Uttara-phalguni or Uthiram in the 12th month of the Tamil calendar i.e. Panguni. It is the Purnima or full moon of the month of Panguni

Panguni Uthiram 2019 Date & Time

Begin – 20th March 2019 at 4:17 PM
Ends – 21st March 2019 at 1:34 PM

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