Tiruvannamalai Girivalam 2020 Date & Time

Tiruvannamalai Girivalam 2020

Thiruvannamalai Temple Timings

Month Girivalam Day Start – End Timing
January 10/Jan/2020, Friday 09 Jan, 02:48 AM
10 Jan, 01:49 AM
February 08/Feb/2020, Saturday 08 Feb, 03:33 PM
09 Feb, 01:46 PM
March 08/Mar/2020, Sunday 08 Mar, 02:09 AM
09/Mar/2020, Monday 09 Mar, 12:04 AM
April 07/Apr/2020, Tuesday 07 Apr, 11:21 AM
08 Apr, 08:53 PM
May 06/May/2020, Wednesday 06 May, 07:28 PM
07 May, 05:14 PM
June 04/Jun/2020, Thursday 04 Jun, 03:23 AM
05/Jun/2020, Friday 05 Jun, 01:26 AM
July 04/July/2020, Saturday 04 July, 12:02 PM
05 July, 10:58 AM
August 02/Aug/2020, Sunday 02 Aug, 10:04 PM
03 Aug, 09:54 PM
September 01/Sep/2020, Tuesday 01 Sep, 10:15 AM
02 Sep, 11:08 AM
October 30/Sep/2020, Wednesday 30 Sep, 01:14 AM
01/Oct/2020, Thursday 01 Oct, 02:57 AM
October 30/Oct/2020, Friday 30 Oct, 06:45 PM
31 Oct, 08:49 PM
November 29/Nov/2020, Sunday 29 Nov, 01:47 PM
30 Nov, 02:23 PM
December 29/Dec/2020, Tuesday 29 Dec, 08:40 AM
30 Dec, 09:18 AM

Details about Ashta Lingam’s in Girivalam Path

Name Cardinal Direction Installed by Dominant Navagraha Benefits of Worship
Indira Lingam East Lord Indiran, the king of Celestials Sun and Sukiran Long life and fame
Agni Lingam South East Lord Agni, the god of fire Chandran (moon) Relief from disease and fear
Yama Lingam South Yama, god of death Sevvai Longevity of life span
Niruthi Lingam South West Niruthi, the king of giants Raghu Health, wealth and fame, Issueless can get children
Varuna Lingam West Varuna, the god of Rain Sani (Saturn) Relief from illness especially water related disease
Vayu Lingam North West Vayu, the god of air Kedhu Relief from illness especially the heart disease, breathing and stomach problems
Gupera Lingam North Kuperan, the god of wealth Guru Wealth and improvement in life status
Easanya Lingam North East Easanyan (shivan) Budhan Peace of mind